Christmas Match┃Not only about the communication of technology but the spirit.

time:2016-12-26 10:07

Jooan technology Company is invited to the basketball match between security industries. Colleagues who take part in the game are excited and their feeling is difficult to describe. We call the game as Christmas Match because the date when basketball game starts is Christmas.

On December 25th, 2016, a number of security companies bring their basketball teams gather in basketball hall, and Jooan has arrived an hour early with the spirit of respect for opponents. Some of them are from Technology Department in the basketball team of Jooan. They chereish this opportunity very much and hope that communicate with each other on security technology.

However, we are grateful for our teammates and opponents even we lose the first game. Players from Jooan are benefits a lot after fully and delightfully basketball fighting. Joan lost a victory, but will win more victories after this game.


At 2:00 p.m. the second game begins. Thanks to the summary of first game in the morning, Jooan gets a advantage of score. It is a pity that many players are injured during two hours of high intensity game in the morning. However, even the second game last 3 hours and we are surpassed by opponent for a time, we still take the first win because of the strong will of players.

Thanks for the  opponents who suppress us , we can make progress because of them. Even opponents have external assistance and our player are injured, we still defend our victory.