What are the advantages make AHD HD camera stand out from security market?

time:2015-12-31 11:43

What are the advantages make AHD HD camera stand out from security market?

AHD HD camera transmission distance is long, modules based on the original class of ordinary 75-3 coaxial 

transmission medium is up to 500 meters; data not through the front-end to back-end coding compression, full real-time, high fidelity.AHD HD camcorder adopts advanced Y / C signal separation and analog filtering technology, can effectively reduce color noise high frequency region, make better image reproduction.It's more widely used in the security market now, in addition to the above points, what are the advantages make AHD HD camera stand out from security market? This article will introduce one by one.

First, long-distance, low-cost transport.

AHD HD surveillance have different from the traditional network HD and analog HD, using a coaxial cable based on existing SYV 75-3 or SYV 75-5 HD video transmission method, it is possible to achieve ultra-low cost and low quality of the coaxial cable long distance (500 meters) the reliable transmission of high-definition video signals. Compared to the practical applications demanding HD-SDI subsystems for the transmission medium, AHD is better adapted to long-distance, low-cost transmission media complex deployment scenarios. Long-distance, low-cost transport., let AHD HD analog cameras to win at the beginning.

Second, high picture quality, without delay, dropped packets and dropped frames.

Unlike cable transmission,  AHD  high-definition makes it become coaxial million high-definition video modulated signal , then transmitted point to point, both to avoid the traditional monitoring CVBS chroma crosstalk phenomenon, to further enhance the picture quality, but also can effectively eliminate the digital high-definition data exchange delay the onset of, substitution, dropped frames and so on.

Third, higher definition. 

Birth of a new technology is undoubtedly in order to further upgrade  the traditional definition technology, AHD HD camera is no exception. In the video image quality for example, the technology includes two specifications 1920H and 1280H, compatible with standard 1080P and 720P resolution, from the data, the accuracy is indeed clear than standard 1080P.

Fourth, the key of using AHD . 

AHD technology compared with the HD-SDI, HD video transmission on coaxial cable has a great advantage, under the premise of the same quality, the former can transport 500 meters, which according to the cable material determining the optimum state without more than 100 meters. In the anti-interference, the leading modulation technique makes AHD anti-interference ability, also disguised to protect the image. 

If AHD HD cameras contrast to digital network surveillance cameras , its stability and ease of operation is far superior to the latter. In IPC Ethernet transmission limited conditions, the domestic network environment is unstable, resulting in packet loss, delay and other problems often occur. Therefore, the project application, AHD is not only stable, but also easier to operate and maintain . The complex network technical problems which plagued the construction workers for many years has finally been resolved.

Fifth, the creativity to achieve zero limit and  fully compatible. 

On the surveillance system, point to point transmission with DVR HD products is not minority. But other HD coaxial need to develop specialized products back-end DVR to record video. Transmission and rear end on the wall midway devices require specialized support equipment. To some extent these been monopolized by a single brand. This is certainly not conducive to the best solution to achieve the overall definition. AND HD cameras to break through the bottleneck of the industry-leading technology, creative analog zero limit for the first time between high-definition cameras and conventional DVR. HD cameras is not only compatible with the common DVR, it is possible to achieve high-definition docking with the market any brand of AHD DVR. In addition, AHD DVR zero limit is also compatible with other ordinary analog camera. In the end of the transmission and rear end of the matrix terms, AHD HD cameras can also be effectively shared with traditional analog devices.

Sixth, super night vision to solve industry problems.

The current array of millions of high-definition products is the most stunning effect in ultra-high-definition. But they have suffered from the poor night vision at the same time. Night vision distance is short, ineffective pain in my heart has been the majority of millions of users of high-definition products. AHD HD cameras all use low-light sensitive chip, effectively subvert the millions of poor night vision HD products industry problems fundamentally. After the actual comparison, their night vision is far more than all CMOS chip cameras at the currently market, completely solve the problem of HD cameras can not both black and white color. 

In summary, AHD HD cameras uses the six advantages based on the security market, holds an important position.