What are the advantages of Coaxial HD camera compared to traditional cameras

time:2015-12-17 10:11

Coaxial HD camera has advanced bright separation, signal filtering, 3D noise reduction technology, higher image resolution, better image reproduction. Maybe you did not has the intuitive feelings, through the analysis and comparison with traditional analog cameras , we can see the advantages of coaxial high-definition camera at a glance .

1, The traditional analog camera uses a composite video signal CVBS, sharpness and color saturation are more general. Coaxial million high-definition camera, front-

end to back-end data transmission has not coded compression,there is no delay, full-time, high fidelity. In contrast Webcam will be some delay, while the network of digital encoding and decoding, dark image is prone to massive mosaic.

2, coaxial high-definition camera has a screen 30/60 frame per second, the better the effect of shooting moving objects. Network cameras easily occur image dislocation when shooting moving objects.

3, Coaxial HD camera uses a TX / RX, send and receive high-definition signal transmission, clarity is obviously much better , you can achieve 100W 720P effects, using bright separation technology! 

4, Coaxial high-definition cameras and traditional analog cameras are used in coaxial video cable, but the signal is not the same, so no way make coaxial HD camera access to the traditional DVR,you can connect but it is meaningless, because the traditional DVR clarity reach 1280X720 resolution, high-definition camera, so you must use a coaxial coaxial HD video recorder! 

Finally, it is obvious that the natural price ratio of coaxial high-definition camera is higher than traditional analog cameras, it's a trend that replace ordinary analog camera.